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Materials Engineering

Wheter a given object will prove itself in usage is, to a large extent, dependent on the materials used during the production. Materials engineering deals with the design, production and constant improvement of materials. Nearly all the branches of industry take the advantage of this work. Screens of modern phines, plastics, lighter and more damage-resistant elements used in aviation industry, implants - these are only few pieces of evidence on the incredible meaning of the knowledge on materials.  Throughout the studies you will master mathematics, physics, science and IT. You will also learn about the issues connected with creating new materials, construction materials, corrosion engineering, polymers, computer modelling, application of specialized materials (used in aggresive or non-typical conditions) and materials that have contact with living organisms.

NOTE! This is an interdisciplinary study course conducted by the Faculty of Chemistry, Faculty of Technical Physics and Applied Mathematics, and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Ship Technology.

Arguments for

  • You will be able to apply the gained knowledge in each area of industry, science and daily life
  • Fascinating practical classes conducted in laboratories equipped with modern research apparatus
  • Possibility of realizing the diploma thesis abroad within Erasmus program

Apprenticeship, cooperation with companies

Michelin Polska SA, Drutex, Netzch Polska, Stocznia Remontowa, ABB, Polish Academy of Science PAN institutes, Hamilton, Lotos. We aim at realization of individual or team diploma projects in cooperation with companies and industry. This is aided by the apprenticeship organization system and issuing the project subjects of a utilitarian nature.

Professional perspectives

  • Construction industry
  • Energy production
  • Shipyards
  • Companies producing biomedical materials and implants
  • Companies dealing with modern materials applied in medicine
  • Research laboratories and institutions
  • Institutions dealing with advising and promoting knowledge on materials science, materials technologies and computer-aided technologies.

Interesting facts

In 2015 we launched Nanotechnology B building housing specialized materials engineering laboratories, such as laboratory of electron scanning microscopy, biomaterials laboratory, composite materials laboratory, sintered materials laboratory, NDT and DT laboratories.

A word from a graduate…

  • „I started my professional carreer during studies. The subject of my ME thesis resulted from the needs of the company I worked for"
  • „During my apprenticeship in Michelin it turned out that I know more about rubber than many employees of the company”
  • „Materials science studies provided me with an extensive knowledge on materials. I can now increase it and adjust to the needs of the employer.”

Study course: Engineering, stationary