Gdańsk University of Technology provides information regarding the course and completion  of the studies exclusively to Gdańsk Tech students and graduates, retaining the right to verify the identity of the person requesting the certificate.
The application form for issuing a certificate for the purpose of retirement and pension benefits, compliant with the information available at, can be filed:
1. at the University or by mail:

  • the document is to be submitted in person to the dean's office at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Ship Technology,
  • or by sending a signed original to:

Dziekanat Wydziału Inżynierii Mechanicznej i Okrętownictwa
Politechnika Gdańska
ul. G. Narutowicza 11/12
80-233 Gdańsk
2. online:

  • using ePUAP platform (if the applicant has a trusted profile or qualified certificate)
  • by e-mail - signed with a secure electronic signature.

No charges apply.

Download the form (docx, 22.44kB)