The basis of this study course consists in the fundamentals of mechanics and materials strength, machine design, manufacturing technologies and computer tools and techniques used to solve machine design, production and operation tasks. Depending on the selected specialty, an emphasis is put also on thermal-flow devices, industrial apparatus, specialized machines and vehicles, drive systems or technology of machines and construction materials.

The studies are conducted in Polish and English.

Arguments for

  • comprehensive education (materials selection, machine construction, operation of mechanical devices and control systems) on a high scientific level.    
  • high demand for skilled employees = higher chance for a well-paid job
  • elite nature of the studies
  • presidents and owners of the largest companies in northern Poland are often graduates of the course

Apprenticeship, cooperation with companies

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Ship Technology cooperates with dozens of companies within the scope of students' apprenticeship, team projects and diploma theses. Many of them take our students for several months long apprenticeship (Federal-Mogul Bimet S.A., Eaton Truck Components Sp. z o.o.)

Professional perspectives

  • companies operating in the area of production of machines and their components, steel structures prodiucers, such as production and maintenance of power hydraulics systems, cooling, air-conditioning and ventilation, automotive industry, shipyards, refineries,
  • small and medium industrial and service companies applying mechanical devices in their area of operation: transport companies, foodstuff industry, service, trade and repair companies
  • construction and design bureaus, research and development institutions
  • acreditation and attestation units, public administration
  • a number of graduates start their own companies dealing with innovative technologies

Interesting fact

Improving a vehicle powered by a fuel cell, construction of a flight simulator - such an experience can be gained if you join one of 5 science clubs operating within Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Ship Technology.

A word from a graduate

  • „Value of a mechanical engineer increases with age, which cannot be said about other professions”
  • „After graduation, you need only 2-3 weeks to find a job, but most of us work in their specialty during the final year of studies”

Study corse: engineering, stationary and extramural