Mechatronics is one of the fastest-developing areas of science and technology. It bases on the application of knowledge and skills in mechanics, construction and operation of machines, electronics, IT, automation, control, modelling, design and operation of products and production processes. Modern mechatronics  evolves in two directions: mechatronic systems (development of intelligent assemblies and sub-assemblies) and mechatronic design (methods of formulating and solving problems associated with creating and operating control systems). Starting from the 5th term, the majority of practical classes is conducted in the form of team projects, consisting in solving specific engineering problems. This is achieved by advanced laboratory base, enriched with newly created labs: Design and Modelling of Mechatronic Systems, Application of IT in Mechatronics, Vehicle Electronics, Dynamic Measurements, Automation of Technological Processes, Microdrives, Pneumatics, Mechatronic Elements and Systems, Motor Powering Systems.

Arguments for

  • you will master the principles of formulating and solving mechatronic design tasks within the construction, manufacturing, sales, operation, maintenance and diagnosing machines and processes
  • you will be prepared to realize interdisciplinary team projects in robotics, modern machines and production processes, vehicle control systems, automatic devices, medical devices, functionally advanced household appliances, modern toys and miniature electromechanical devices
  • you will use a specialized foreign language allowing you to speak fluently about professional matters

Apprenticeship, cooperation with companies

  • LONZAPET Sp. z o.o., Gdańsk
  • Grupa EnergoControl, Kraków
  • Grupa LOTOS S.A., Gdańsk
  • Energomontaż Północ Gdynia (EPG) Sp. z o.o.
  • Przedsiębiorstwo Hydrauliki Siłowej HYDROTOR S.A., Tuchola
  • vMACH Engineering GmbH, Markt Indersdorf, Niemcy
  • INTES GmbH, Stuttgart, Niemcy

Professional perspectives

  • design, construction and application of mechatronic systems in electrical machine industry, automotive, household appliance, medical equipment, aviation and machining device industry
  • supervising the operation of mechatronic systems in industrial plants, institutions, servicing and diagnostics units
  • working in science-research and research and development institutions
  • consuelling and propagating the knowledge on construction and operation of mechatronic devices
  • running your own enterprise
  • becoming a member of innovative research and industrial teams

Interesting facts

Our students aim high. Mechatronics had its special day in the form of International Conference Mechatronics Gdańsk 2015 — our students contributed to the success of this spectacular event!

study course: engineering, stationary mode