Our students gain 90% of the knowledge of machine construction course, so they can perceive themselves as full-fledged mechanical engineers. Apart from that, they receive knowledge on biomechanics, biomaterials, human anatomy and physiology, surgery, internal medicine, biochemistry, orthopedics, cardiology, laryngology, neurology, rehabilitation, prosthetics, and other fascinating subjects. Selection of a specialty allows our students to take up design of medical devices or prosthetics and implantology. Our students will receive assistance in gaining knowledge from the staff of Fine Arts Academy in Gdańsk and lecturers with hands-on experience in economy.  

Note! This is a unique study course conducted in cooperation with the Medicine Doctor Faculty of the Medical University in Gdańsk.

Arguments for

  • you will be a full-fledged mechanical engineer
  • you will gain a medical knowledge impossible to gain on your own
  • you will learn the specifics of launching medical devices
  • you will learn what the possibilites of modern medicine include

Apprenticeship, cooperation with companies

  • Companies producing medical devices (TERMA Urządzenia Medyczne, LeviCare)
  • Companies dealing with implantology (European Dental Implant Institute Vivadental)
  • Industrial research centers (Zespół Inżynierii Medycznej CTO with artificial heart program)
  • Medical institutions( Klinika Rehabilitacji UCK Gdańsk)

Professional perspectives

  • work as a designer, constructor or technology specialist, work as a production manager, operation manager of devices applied in surgeries, medical and rehabilitation procedures
  • conducting a compaany producing rehabilitation devices and medical equipment
  • work for a company designing and producing artifical limbs and organs, repairs of such devices
  • hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation institutions - engineer managing the matters connected with the operation and replacement of technical equipment    

Interesting facts

  • Nearly 80% of the students on this course are ladies.
  • Students of this course devised and organized the 1st students conference Mechanics in Medicine.
  • Even though the first course started in 2007, some of its graduates have already gained their PhD degrees.
  • Numerous project designs originating from the diploma theses (such as POMYKACZ2012, temple bone grip) and MSc theses are the bases of patent notions and industrial applications.

Study course: Engineering, stationary mode