Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Ship technology is the oldest academic unit of Gdansk University of Technology. Its tradition reaches the Royal Higher Technical School founded in 1904, and its faculties: Faculty of Machines and Electrotechnology and Faculty of Ship and Machinery Building. 

The Faculty fulfills the mission of Gdansk University of Technology - it is a community of students, employees and graduates. It ensures that everybody has equal rights, regardless of their gender, age, nationality and religious views. While maintaining its autonomy and recognizing the principle of the freedom of science, speech and conscience, the Faculty cooperates with various institutions on regional, national and international level, who recognize similar values in order to multiply and spread the scientific and technological achievements. In line with these principles, the Faculty cares about the accessibility of studies it conducts, ensuring that young people representing various environments have equal educational opportunities. 

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Ship Technology is a continuously developing research and scientific unit enjoying a recognized position in Poland and abroad. Deriving from a nearly 120 years long heritage of achievements and tradition, the Faculty educates students and prepares them to face the requirements of the current job market. It educates graduates who have broad intellectual horizons and creative attitudes, due to the fact that they receive modern knowledge and skills during their studies. 
The Faculty also strives for reaching the highest quality in educating students, staff development and scientific research, it supports and creates economy based on knowledge and realizes the idea of lifelong learning. Aware of its responsibility, the Faculty educates and raises academic youth to build a bright future of democratic, fair and just society. 

Scientific activity of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Ship Technology is associated with widely understood discipline of mechanical engineering (but also with materials science, energy production and biomedical engineering), in which the University is authorized to award the PhD and DSc titles. The Faculty conducts study courses which are connected with this discipline: mechanics and machine construction; ship and off-shore structures; mechatronics; transport and logistics; energy production and production management and engineering. The Faculty actively participates in scientific and didactic international exchange programs, conducts scientific research on a high, international level, conducts R&D and goal-oriented projects (national and international), conducts education on all levels of studying. It also creates conditions for continuous development of the staff and its scientific progress. 

Basic factors determining the development of the Faculty include: development of the staff; quality of education, scientific research and R&D activities; cooperation with renowned scientific institutions and entrepreneurs (national and foreign). The Faculty Strategy defines the main areas of its activities which guarantee efficient scientific and didactic work, as well as cooperation with economical surroundings. The strategy timeframe spans 4 years, considering the principle of continuous planning, It should be continuously updated and adjusted to the changing economical and social conditions.