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Vocational internship and apprenticeship

Stages of the realization of vocational internship

  1. Selecting the venue and timeframe of the realization of internship (by a student). NOTE! Possible date of starting the vocational internship, in compliance with the organization of the academic year: from 01.07.2023, possible finishing date: up to 09.09.2023. If any other dates are considered, it is necessary to obtain an approval of the Vice-Dean for Student Affairs.
  2. Sending the information to an appropriate internship proxy in order to obtain internship referral (student).
  3. Preparation of the referral (student retrieves the referral and prepares it; internship proxy checks and approves it by filling in the date, signature and stamp).
  4. Delivering the issued referral to the company, obtaining the signature and arranging the individual course of the internship (template available at the Faculty’s website) (by a student).
  5. Passing the referral signed by the company and the individual course of internship to the Internship Proxy (by a student).
  6. Passing the approved referral with the individual course of internship to the Dean’s office (by the internship officer).
  7. Preparing and signing of the agreement (by the Dean’s office).
  8. E-mail informing the student about the fact that the agreement is ready for picking up (by the Dean’s office).
  9. Picking up the agreement from the Dean’s office (by a student).
  10. Delivering the agreement to the company for signing and returning the signed copy of the agreement to the Dean’s office (by a student)
  11. Realization of the vocational internship (by a student)
  12. Obtaining the confirmation of completing the internship on the internship sheet (by a student)
  13. Preparing the internship report (by a student).
  14. Delivering the information about the completed internship (in Polish and English), internship sheet and internship report (templates available at the Faculty’s website) (by a student)
  15. Preparation of the credit protocol for „internship” (by the Dean’s office).
  16. Crediting the internship (entering the credit in the protocol (by the Internship Proxy)
  17. Delivering the complete set of the documents to the Dean’s office (by the Internship Proxy)

Schedule 2022 – dates applicable to students

  • 31.05.2023 – final day for obtaining the internship referral (referrals can be obtained from the Internship Proxy from 08.05.2023).
  • 09.06.2023 – final day for delivering the Internship Referral to the Internship Officers.
  • 16.06.2023 – final day for picking up the agreements from the Dean’s office.
  • 30.09.2023 – Final day for delivering the information about the completed internship, internship sheet and internship report. The deadline can be prolonged to 30.09.2023 only for students who realize their internship in September.


Students who fail to complete the formalities associated with the realization of the internship by June 18, 2023 will not be insured for the duration of the internship.

You will presently be contacted by the Internship Officers who will organize meetings during which the rules, requirements and recommendations for the process of the realization of the internship will be presented.