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Details for participants

The 18th International Ship Stability Workshop follows the long-standing series of international technical meetings in the field of ship and marine vessel stability. This series consists of the STAB conferences, held every three years (since 1975), and the International Ship Stability Workshops (ISSW), held in the years between the conferences.

For years, the STAB conferences and the associated International Ship Stability Workshops have been the definitive meeting places for maritime researchers and professionals interested in ship stability and safety problems. While the STAB conferences cover a wide range of topics related to ship and marine vessel stability, the workshops usually focus on specific topics that are particularly important and reflect the latest developments in the field. The workshop format allows for in-depth discussions between leading scientists and practitioners. This creates a very conducive environment for the participants and clearly contributes to the development of new breakthrough solutions in the field.

ISSW addresses current problems in numerical and physical modelling and understanding of ship stability, advances in extreme ship dynamics and the development of new stability regulations.

The nearest ISSW (12-14 September 2022) will be held in Gdansk, Poland.

In accordance with the traditional formula of the International Ship Stability Workshop, speakers are invited by the chairs of each session.