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Date added: 2023-01-04

Prof. Andrzej Seweryn, dean of FMEST member of the Scientific Excellence Council

Prof. Andrzej Seweryn, dean of FMEST member of the Scientific Excellence Council
Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Ship Technology, prof. Andrzej Seweryn, PhD, DSc, Eng. was elected to the Council of Scientific Excellence as a representative of the discipline of mechanical engineering, which is within the competence of Team II of Engineering and Technical Sciences.

The Scientific Excellence Council was established on the basis of the Act of 20 July 2018 Law on Higher Education and Science. Among its tasks is conducting proceedings for the conferment of the academic title of professor, appointing reviewers and the chairman of the habilitation committee, and examining appeals related to the conferment of academic degrees and titles also in the field of art. The members of the council, 3 for each discipline, are elected by habilitated doctors and professors from all over Poland in a secret ballot. Candidates are nominated by the senates of the university. There are eight teams in the council divided into individual disciplines: humanities, engineering and technology, medicine, agriculture, social sciences, exact and natural sciences, theology and art.

Prof. Andrzej Seweryn is a specialist in the field of engineering and technical sciences, in the discipline of mechanical engineering. Scientific specializations that prof. Seweryn deals with are: mechanics of materials and structures, computer methods of mechanics, fatigue of materials and structures, mechanics of damage and cracking, strength of structural elements, experimental methods of mechanics. He is the author of over 350 papers (including 7 monographs, 52 articles in journals indexed in JCR). The main topics of the professor's work include: experimental research and modeling of damage accumulation and cracking processes in structural elements under multi-axial load conditions with proportional and non-proportional components, and numerical modeling using the finite element method of deformation and cracking of the mesostructure of porous materials using microtomography computer.

In 2022, Prof. Andrzej Seweryn was honored with two honorary doctorate degrees awarded by the Lublin University of Technology and the Technical University in Košice.

Apart from prof. Andrzej Seweryn the mechanical engineering team at the Scientific Excellence Council consists also of: prof. Stefan Kazimierz Berczyński, PhD, DSc, Eng., from the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin and prof. Janusz Krzysztof Kowal, PhD, DSc, Eng., from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow.